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  1. She could have done just as well as you, ____ the chance.

  A. given B. to give C. giving D. give

  【答案】A 句子的主语和后面分词的逻辑关系时被动关系,是主语she“被给”机会,故选A。这是一种没有if的含蓄条件句,但分词短语有“如果”含义。

  2. Helen had to shout ________ above the sound of the music.

  A. making herself hear B. to make herself hear C. making herself heard D. to make herself heard


  3.___ under a microscope, a fresh snowflake has a delicate six-pointed shape.

  A. Seeing B. Seen C. To see D. To be seen


  4.____ by the look on her face, she didn’t catch what I meant.

  A. Judging B. Judged C. Judge D. To judge

  【答案】B 本题考查固定用法:judging by根据……判断。

  5. “Good-bye, Miss Liu. I’m very pleased ___.”

  A. to meet you B. to have met you C. meeting you D. having met you

  【答案】B 在告别时,应该说“I’m pleased meeting you.或I’m pleased to have met you.很高兴(已经)见到你。其中I’m pleased to have met you.更常见,两种形式同为备选项时,优先选择完成形式。在见面时则应该说I’m please to meet you.很高兴(要)见到你。另外固定搭配be pleased with sth:“对……感到满意”。

  6. Let’s buy our tickets while I still have ___.

  A. a little money to leave B. little money left

  C. a few dollars left D. few dollars to leave

  【答案】C。B项和D项中的little和few均为否定含义,与句意不符,排除。C项为have sth. left用法,意思是:“还剩下……”。这里have a few dollars left的意思是“还剩下几个美元”,left的过去分词是leave,它的宾语是前面的a few dollars。句意为:我们买票吧,尽管我们这只剩几美元了。while:尽管。

  7. We shall ask for samples ___ and then we can make our decision.

  A. to be sent B. being sent C. to sent D. to have been sent


  8. Some cities have passed laws that allow coal and oil ____ only if their sulfur content is low.

  A. burning B. to burn C. being burned D. to be burned

  【答案】D。本题考查的是allow sth. to be done,主动形式是allow sb to do sth.此处是允许人们在硫含量低的情况下燃烧煤和石油,所以它们是被燃烧,用被动。

  9. Mother warned the electric lamp.

  A. not to touch B. him not to touch C. him not touching D. him not touch

  【答案】B不定式的否定式。warn sb.. not to do sth..属于固定搭配。意为“警告某人不要做某事”。

  10. Don't leave the water ________ while you brush your teeth.

  A. run B. running C. being run D. to run


  11. Having a trip abroad is certainly good for the old couple, but it remains _____whether they will enjoy it.

  A. to see B. to be seen C. seeing D. seen

  【答案】B。本题考查固定用法。It remains to be seen尚待分晓。对于这对老夫妇来说去国外旅游是好事情,但是还得看到底他们喜不喜欢。首先it(老夫妇去旅游这件事)还有待于观察,表将来用不定式。这件事情是被观察,因此选被动。综上选B。

  12. The purpose of new technologies is to make life easier, _______ it more difficult.

  A. not make B. not to make C. not making D. do not make


  13. One can go a long way after one is _________.

  A. tire B. tiring C. tired D. to be tired


  14. The pilot asked all the passengers on board to remain ________ as the plane was making a landing.

  A. seat B. seating C. seated D. to be seating

  【答案】C 飞行员要求飞机起飞时,所有的乘客在座位上坐好。

  15. He is _______ about why other lions are running away, until an old lion tells him that hunters are coming.

  A. confused B. confusing C. being confused D. to be confused

  【答案】A。他感到困惑confused 固定用法。

  16. It is hot and dry; the flowers need ______.

  A. being watered B. be watered C. to water D. to be watered

  【答案】D 这里是固定用法,need to be done前面的被修饰词与be done的动词是被动关系。need to be done=need doing。

  17. What __ next will be discussed at today's meeting.

  A. will do B. to do C. shall we do D. to be done

  【答案】B 本题考察动词不定式做主语,What to do 是固定用法,此处不定式to do 表示将来要做的事情;如果选A项则没有主语;选择D项则没有谓语;如果选C,应改为 What we shall do ,因为在what, which, where 这种特殊疑问句引导下的问句中做主语时,句子要用陈述句语序。

  18. My room is a mess. It needs ___.

  A. to be tidying up B. tidying up C. to tidy up D. tidied up

  【答案】B。句型:主语(物)+need(want,request)+doing(to be done),后面用动名词的主动形式来表示被动含义或不定式的被动形式来表示。The house needs cleaning.(to be cleaned):这房子需要打扫了。The radio needs repairing(to be repaired).这台收音机需要修理了。

  19. Good medicine _____ bitter to the mouth.

  A. tastes B. tasting C. to taste D. is tasted


  20. There are many good films played by Cheng Long that are worth________.

  A. to be seen B. being seen C. seeing D. to see

  【答案】C。这有很多成龙演的好电影。Be worth doing值得做某事。

  21. Once _____ of the necessity of a move, he worked hard to find a new home.

  A. convinced B. be convinced C. convincing D. having convinced

  【答案】A be convinced of相信,确信;“Once......”引导分词短语作状语,省略了be动词。

  22. I walked out of the cinema, ___to return to see the wonderful film the next Sunday.

  A. determine B. being determined C. determined D. to be determined

  【答案】C此题考查的是非谓语动词中过去分词的用法。此处“determined ”为“坚定的”,属于形容词词性,可直接做伴随状语,不加being 或to be.

  23. _______ in thought, he almost ran into the car in front of him.

  A. Losing B. Having lost C. Lost D. To lost

  【答案】C。be lost in thought陷入沉思。他满脑子想着事情,差点撞到前面的车子。

  24. Ideally________ for Broadway theatres and Fifth Avenue, the New Your Park hotel is a favorite with many guests.

  A. locating B. being located C. having been located D. located

  【答案】D。位于 locate的固定用法。

  25. _________in the rain, he caught a bad cold.

  A. Having caught B. Caught C. To catch D. Catching

  【答案】B 被大雨淋湿了之后,他感冒很严重。Be caught in the rain遇上大雨。

  76. Ann was angry at __________ at her.

  A. his laughing B. him laugh C. him laughed D. him being laughed


  27. Her parents objected to _______ that farmer, though he has a lot of money.

  A. her marrying B. marrying C. marry D. her marring with


  28. ________being ill made us worried.

  A. He's B. He C. His D. Him


  29. Would you mind _____ the computer game in your room?

  A. him playing B. his playing C. him to play D. him play

  【答案】B 本题考查动名词的逻辑主语。mind的后面要接动名词做宾语,动名词的逻辑主语用物主代词,后接动名词。

  30. I really can't understand ________ her like that.

  A. you treat B. you to treat C. why treat D. you treating


  31. Arriving at the bus stop, ____ waiting there.

  A. he found a lot of people B. a lot of people were

  C. he found a lot of people’s D. people were found

  【答案】A 主句arriving at the bus stop 省略了when he was, 而waiting there的主语是people.所以状语的逻辑主语应该和句子的主语保持一致,故排除B, D.在发现某人做某事时应用名词或代词的宾格,不可以用所有格形式,故C项可以排除,正确答案选A.句意是“当他到达车站时,发现有很多人等在那里.”

  32. To succeed in a scientific experiment, ____.

  one needs being patient person

  patience is to need

  one needs to be patient

  patience is what needed

  【答案】C. 本题考查的是独立主格中分句和主句的主语要一致。逗号前面是非谓语做状语,逗号后面需是句子,且非谓语的逻辑主语应与句子主语一致,排除B、D。要想在科学实验中取得成功,必须要有耐心。


  1. 作情态动词时,与其他情态动词“can”,“may”,“must”的用法基本相同。

  2. 作实义动词时,人+need+to do;物+need+doing=物+need+to be done。

  3. 另外,“need”后还可以直接跟名词。

  33. Having taken our seats, _____.

  A. the professor began the lecture B. the lecture began in no time

  C. we were attracted by the lecturer immediately D. the bell announced the beginning of the lecture

  【答案】C。本题考查的是现在分词作状语。前半句话是分词形式的非谓语,所以后半句话应该不缺成分,有主语和谓语,而且句子主语也要是非谓语的逻辑主语。而Having taken our seats显然是我们才能发出的动作,因此选择C。我们都坐下以后,立刻被讲座吸引了。

  34. Unless ________ to speak, you should remain silent at the conference.

  A. invited B. inviting C. being invited D. having invited


  35. ________ where to go, the old man turned to a policeman for help.

  A. Lost his way and not knowing B. Lost his way and didn't know

  C. Losing his way and didn't know D. Having lost his way and not knowing


  36. All things _____, the planned trip had to be called off.

  A. considered B. be considered C. considering D. having considered

  【答案】A 由于逗号前后无连接词,所以判断应用非谓语。排除B。逻辑主语All things和consider之间是被动关系,所以选A。

  37. There are many kinds of metals, ___.

  A. each having its special properties B. having its special properties

  C. one has its special properties D. each has its special properties


  38. With everything she needed _____, she went out of the shop, with her hands full of shopping bags.

  A. bought B. to buy C. buying D. buy

  【答案】A。本题考查的是介词With的独立主格结构。需要特别注意的是she needed是省略了that的定语从句修饰限制先行词everything,而不是need doing。而非谓语buy和everything之间是被动的关系,所以选择A:bought。需要的东西都买齐了,她拿着满手的购物袋走出了商店。

  39. With the old man ___ way, we had no trouble in finding that mysterious cave.

  A. leading B. led C. lead D. to be led

  【答案】A。介词with可以跟复合宾语。表示伴随的情况和结果。stand with one’s hands in one’s pockets.两手插在口袋里站着。The king came in, with all his servants following after him.国王回来了,后面跟着全体仆役。There had been a riot with twenty injured.曾经发生了一场有20人受伤的暴乱。

  40. With the bridge ____, there was nothing for it but to swim.

  A. was destroyed B. destroying

  C. being destroyed D. destroyed

  【答案】D。首先判断用非谓语,排除A。本题考查的是with加分词表状态。the bridge和destroy之间是被动关系,排除B。无需强调正在进行,排除C。

  41. With tears on her face, the old lady watched the little boy__ to a hospital.

  A. send B. to do sent C. being sent D. sending

  【答案】C boy是 send这个动作的宾语,所以要用被动式,因此排除B项和D项; 这为女士看到得失一个瞬间动作,所以应该用进行时,因此选现在分词的被动式being sent.

  42. Standing on the bank, the children watched the ship ___ with all kinds of goods.

  A. loading B. being loaded C. to be loaded D. having loaded

  【答案】B。本句为现在分词的被动做watch 的宾语补足语。因为宾语和宾补是动宾关系,而且表示动作正在进行,所以用现在分词的被动式;watch 也可以跟无to不定式做宾补,表示动作已经结束。Do you hear someone calling you? 你听见有人叫你吗?(现在分词做宾补,表示动作正在进行。)Yes, I did. I heard him call me several times.是的,我听见他叫了我几次了。(不定式做宾补,表示动作已经结束)。

  43. The managers discussed the plan that they would like to see _______ the next year.

  A. carried out B. carrying out C. carry out D. to carry out

  【答案】A。经理们讨论了那个他们希望明年被执行的计划。See sth. done看到某事被做。

  94. A cook will be immediately fired if he is found _______ in the kitchen.

  A. smoke B. smoking C. to smoke D. smoked

  【答案】B。一个厨师如果被发现在厨房里吸烟,他将会被开除。Be find doing sth被发正在做某事。

  45. He looked around and caught a man _______ his hand into the pocket of a passenger.

  A. put        B. to be putting   C. to put     D. putting

  【答案】D。他看了看四周,看到一个小偷正在把手伸进乘客的衣袋里。Catch sb doing sth 抓到某人正在做某事。

  46. I’ll ____ that I’m a qualified engineer.

  A. have you know B. have known you C. have you knowing D. have you known

  【答案】A have sb. do…:使某人做某事,后面动词用原形,句意为:“我要让你知道我……”,选A。

  47. The teacher has his students ___ a composition every other week.

  A. to write B. written C. writing D. write

  【答案】D. have sb. do sth. 让某人做某事,这和have sth. done不同,直接用动词原形就可以,所以选D。

  48. Before the guests come, I must get the glasses ______.

  A. washed B. to be washed C. being washed D. to wash

  【答案】A此题考查的是常见动词后的宾补用法,也属于非谓语动词的范围。Get+宾语+done, 表示让/使…被…,这里是让杯子被洗,故选A.

  49. The team really looks good tonight because the coach had them ___ every night this week.

  A. practice B. to practice C. practiced D. practicing

  【答案】A have sb. do sth. “让某人做某事”,固定搭配。

  50. While he was climbing the high mountain, he had his leg ____.

  A. broke B. break C. broken D. breaking

  【答案】C 因为his leg是break这个动作的承受对象,所以应该用have sth. done这一短语。类似的情况很多,比如:have my hair cut, have the house painted 等等,have 此时的意思是;使,令。




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